About Scots Online

Covid-19 has resulted in significant disruption for students around the world, with many either having to return home early, defer or cancel study plans. New Zealand’s success in controlling the spread of the COVID-19 makes it an attractive and safe study destination for international students. Institutions are now working with the government on developing options for a managed border entry that would allow international students to return in a controlled way. There is no current time frame for this, but we are hopeful that the borders will open during 2021 and students will be able to join / re-join Scots College during that academic year. Scots Online provides the platform to bridge the gap for young people and is a solution for independent students waiting for the opportunity to resume / start their schooling in New Zealand.

Meet the Teacher / Coordinator

Richard Found is a professional teacher and leader who has worked in New Zealand and across the world teaching and supporting young people. He has successfully led in schools in the United Kingdom and South Africa and is a science specialist. A father to three boys, he has demonstrated the ability to support and motivate young people in the on-line environment, providing both academic and pastoral structures that effectively drive forward learning. Richard leads a team of teachers to deliver the Scots Online programme and is the primary contact between Scots College, students and parents.

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