Example Timetable and Schedule

The below are example timetables and a schedule for a Scots Online student. A student’s timetable and schedule may differ to reflect their programme with additional tutorial times also available.

Timetables make provision for independent sport and exercise, learning logs, buddy meetings, Chapel services and guidance sessions.

Example Timetable

Year 7 and 8Year 9 and 10Year 11
NZ historyNZ historyNZ history
Computing / RoboticsComputing / Robotics / TechnologyComputing / Robotics / Technology
ArtBusiness / EconomicsBusiness / Economics

Example Schedule

Scots Online in Action

If you would like to see Scots Online in action please view one of these short video examples.

Example of a Group Call


Example of a Morning Catch-up


Example of a Timetable Review


Example of a Tutorial

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