Student and Parent Testimonials

Jiayi Sun, Year 9 Scots Online Student

Jiayi wrote and recorded this poem about Scots online. This was an assessed piece of work in response to the below task:

‘Your task is to write two original poems and record a spoken poetry performance of them. For this assessment you will need to produce and submit a video of yourself performing your original poems and stating their titles. It is important that your poems and performance expresses an aspect of your identity and connects with your audience in a way that expresses your point of view.’

I enjoy Distance Learning at Scots College, because online learning is very flexible. I can study anytime I want and I don’t need a big room for my study. Distance Learning has enabled me to keep the learning pace with school and understand my year level progress. I can ask my teachers questions anytime in class or through TEAMs.
Shuntuan Zhang, Year 11, China

 I am studying in the online programme now and really enjoy it. If the COVID-19 can’t be controlled well. Maybe you need some online programs as a kind of supplement to keep you staying in the English learning environment too. I highly recommend Scots online.

There are so many differences between the Chinese learning environment and English learning environment. The online teacher is helpful. He knew I am not used to the English context and speak clearly and slowly. He always asked me to confirm the information we discussed to make sure I got the point. His experience for teaching and his encouragement to me helped me more in accepting the language transition smoothly.

For me, what I can learn from Scots online is not only the knowledge taught in English context but also the problem-solving strategies and time management skills.
Edward Zhang, Year 10, Beijing

 I enrolled my son in Scots Online because I want him to adapt to the English context before he comes to Scots. I think Scots online is a wonderful experience for my son, it is teaching him how to work on a project step by step and I have been able to see his progress.
Jin Xie, son Year 10, Beijing

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